Formosa Wall Painting Group, Bywood Project, 2012


Curated by Chen Mei-Yuan, with the collaboration of Riccardo Caldura.

Two Points – Edition 2012
15 September to 28 October 2012
Opening: September 15 h. 6.00 pm
Forte Marghera, Venice – Mestre | Hall 36


Artists: Shi Jin-Hua石晉華 Huang Ning黃甯 Huang Ming- Cheng 黃明正 Tu Wei -Cheng 涂維政 Ho I-Ting 侯怡亭 Hsu Wei-Hui 徐薇蕙 Ko Liang -Chih 柯良志 Wu Chi -Tsung 吳季璁 Tsai Shiu-Cheng 蔡旭晟 Formosa Wall Painting Group (Bywood) in collaborazione con Chiang Yao-Hsien 蔣耀賢

Talks with the artists:
*Friday September 14 h.4.00 pm, Painting in the neighborhood and in everyday life.
* Saturday, October 6 h.18.00, Mr. Candle: acrobatic performance..

Traveling to the Far East, and for what is next

An exhibition dedicated to contemporary art in Taiwan, in particular relations with the history, society, the environment, the symbolic image of the country, will be inaugurated in Forte Marghera September 15. This is the fourth edition of the show in the Veneto Two Points, an initiative from the outset under the patronage of the Veneto Region, and draws a relationship line between points geographically remote but culturally been approached by the internalization process. At this mention the title Near East, Far East for the appointment in Forte Marghera – Parco del Contemporaneo. An unusual journey between paintings, installations, video art, performance, calligraphy, photography, a journey that unravels a thread where is the art to seek proximity to things.

Near East Far East is designed as an integral part of the initiatives of Forte Marghera – Parco del Contemporaneo, which are carried out in partnership with the Region of Veneto, have the support and patronage of the Municipality of Venice – Department of Environment, Youth Policies and the City sustainable are promoted and coordinated by Marco Polo System geie.

The exhibition is made possible thanks to the collaboration of the most important cultural facilities in Taiwan and the support of various sponsors.

Institutional collaborations: Taiwan Ministry of Culture | Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government | MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei | Taipei Representative Office in Italy

With the support of: Formosa Group Wall Painting | Art Center of Kai Yuan University | Bywood | Absolutely SPP

Main Sponsor: Life View Srl (Castelfranco Veneto)

Technical Sponsor: TA Automation (Treviso) | SUNWAY EXPRESS CO., LTD. Ltd |


15 September to 28 October 2012
Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday from 17 to 22
Admission to the exhibition and meetings free.
Forte Marghera | Via Forte Marghera, 30, Mestre
Tel +39 041 5319706 fax +39 041 5311108