entroterraGiambellino still da video

Apartment Projects Berlin


Entroterra Giambellino  (60 min)

MONDAY December 10th 2012 | 7 pm


film screening | discussion with invited guests in English language

in cooperation with Marta Ferretti

The film is the visual exploration of a suburban area of Milan, a tinderbox of imaginaries, a combination of resilient practices, a memories’ stratification: Giambellino as an open air political laboratory. Post-vanguard, or better, an inland where to keep on rethinking about the present.


Giambellino, Milan.

Giambellino, an indefinite place. An outskirt among many others, not particularly worth seeing either for the presence of its social housing blocks or for the determination of its migrants. Not even for its isolation from the rest of the city. Site that is pervaded by the strongest, deepest oppositions. A hinterland: ‘not only a site of pride but of dissatisfaction too.

A place of hope, of trust, of departure, of ever imminent fever. Not of wisdom. Perhaps, who knows, of something still better’. Political hinterland, or better infrapolitical hinterland. That is an off stage land. It shows a great variety of low profile resistences that are not openly shown off. Since a low profile ‘suits better the task of fighting against an adversary who could otherwise win in any open fight’. This film doesn’t describe Giambellino, it rather tells a process in search of the world that is forged in Giambellino. The world we want to take part. The film is directed by ‘immaginariesplorazioni’.

immaginariesplorazioni is a cross-curricula research collective born in June 2011 in Giambellino, a fringe area of Milan, Italy. It inquires about complexity of urban, marginal imaginaries: it has come out a new way of thinking the practice of inhabiting modern conditions of living.

After a phase of study with professionals (such as E. Sivan, R. Malighetti, F. Jodice, HomeMovies), the collective took the field and, a year after, here it is as filmmaker of entroterra Giambellino (Lab80 film) and as the author of the book Nella tana del drago (Agenzia x). www.immaginariesplorazioni.it

||| GUESTS: Alessandra Mainini (I) | immaginariesplorazioni, Martin Kaltwasser | artist & architect (D) N.N. Together with the audience & our invited guests we will reflect within the open discussion questions of politics of space and cialis for sale link them to a braoder scale and current Berlin issues .

||| LOCATION: Apartment Projects Berlin, Hertzbergstr. 13, 12055 Berlin


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