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Maja Beganović | Art Interventions.

7 December – 20 December 2012

Beo_Project first italian-serbian expositive space in Belgrade, is pleased to invite you,

on Friday 7th December from 7pm to 10pm to the exhibition of Maja Beganović | Art Interventions.

The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday 10am-2pm, other day by appointment.


Art Interventions

Artistic interventions are practically invisible, they are the result of a subversive form of expression.

The artist made subtle changes almost imperceptibly, which could be confused with on marketing tactics within the space of a historic library in downtown Belgrade. Presentation of classical literature, philosophy, psychology instead of books about politics and history, are usually presented to elevate the spirit.

Future interventions occupy the position within the shelf titled “Recommendations” suggesting the visitor to opt for an artistic, rather than some other content. Later when the same shelves remain empty, the artist is trying to stimulate the viewer, but it does not get any feedback, as if no one noticed the change, or at least not hit the same.

Finally, the introduction of artistic postcards that are sold as souvenirs, they actually become the postcard small pieces of art. In this way, the combination of literature with other forms of artistic expression enriches the physical space where art and artist tie implementations.
Maja Beganović 1980 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade. Member of Society of artists of Serbia Solo shows: 2012 Nothing, MKM, Belgrade, Serbia. 2011 Articulator, video and digital stamps, MKM, Belgrade. 2009 Orientation, video, MKM, Belgrade. Subject That Is getting aware of him / herself, Youth Club gallery, Belgrade. Indestructible = Eternity, MKM, Belgrade. 2008 Subject That Is getting aware of him / her self – objects installation, Club of the cultures “Student City” gallery, Belgrade, Serbia. Where are we looking from, MKM, Belgrade, Serbia

Group shows: 2011 The House, Pallazzo Forti, Modern gallery, Verona, Italy. 2010 Exhibition “Real Presence”, Cinema Rex, Belgrade, Serbia. 2009 Teratoria, Belef, Belgrade, Serbia. Nights of a museum, House of Bora Stankovic, Vranje, Serbia. 2007 Inbetweeness, the Balkans: metaphors of change, Compels of San Michele a Ripa, Rome, Italy. 2006 White nights, Center of Cultural Information, Skopje, Macedonia. Searching for the right measure, In the time of invisibility, BITEF, Belgrade, Serbia. Exhibition event Progressive hopes, Chaos Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia


Kaleniceva 4

11118-019 Vračar

Belgrado, Serbia