The river has two banks presents: Saeed by Oraib Toukan

December 10, 2012  8 pm – December 10, 2012  9 pm



lecture performance

Saeed [takes refuge in a footnote]

Tuesday Nov 20 2012, 8pm

Auberge cafe, downtown Amman, Jordan



Saeed [relates how crocodiles once lived in the rive Zarqa] 2012; Oraib Toukan; Video in Loop, 00:59

Tuesday, 20 – 24 November 2012

Lobby of Ministry of Tourism and order generic viagra Antiquities, Amman Jordan


For the 1964 Worlds Fair, the Jordanian Pavilion presented a permanent 30-foot high column from the roman city of Jerash to the city of New York.  The Pavilion also showcased a painting by Mohanna Durra depicting a Palestinian refugee embracing her child. Huge controversy broke out lobbying the censorship of the painting, and demanding its removal.  Saeed is a two-year body of work that retraces art-historical correspondences coinciding with this 1964 event, using printed matter, performance, video and photography.  For this program, Toukan invites performance artist Samah Hijawi, co-curator of The River has Two Banks, to perform her lecture using letters, faxes and telegrams.

Oraib Toukan is an artist based in New York, she teaches and works in Jordan and Palestine.