o durand-sanesi


Werner Durand | Federico Sanesi (De|It)
in concert

Saturday December 8th 2012 9pm

O’ is pleased to announce Werner Durand and Fedrico Sanesi concert on Saturday 8 december at 21.00.
Durand (saxophones, iranian ney, self-made wind instruments and drones) and Sanesi (tabla, percussion), although having worked together in many occasions and various projects with Amelia Cuni in the viagra online canada last 20 years, are here at their first effort as a duo.
They present what could be called ‘Drum & Drone’ with tabla soli on complex drones made of sine waves, tanpura, ambient sounds with additional wind instruments of various kinds by Werner Durand (buzzing pvc clarinet; pvc ney with bamboo resonator, blown kalimba) as well as gongs and other percussion instruments by Federico Sanesi.