Mo’ Swallow. David Douard

PdT-EDC-134The leitmotiv of viagra in canada the “rumor” is the conceptual starting point of David Douard’s solo exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, titled Mo’ Swallow and curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel. The rumor, a sort of mental contagion close to a primitive and instinctive mode of thinking, functions as a connector between the cheap pfizer viagra works. In order to explore the “diseases of the real”, the show is composed of viral hybrids of bodies and machines generated by a text matrix. Among the exhibited works are bas-reliefs with words etched into plaster, appropriating the codes of generic viagra graffiti art and celebrating the power of language; a waiting room with seats where visitors can recharge their energy and release their thoughts; a cast of a diseased breast, embodying the corruption of a system of which only the physical signs are visible while what inside is impossible to observe; computer screens showing uncontrollable images. The show is part of the first chapter of Palais de Tokyo’s annual exhibition program L’État du ciel (The State of the Sky).

Mo’ Swallow by David Douard
Curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel
Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Through September 7
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