Limno: 76 Pounds and XVI Coins


Limno is a way of observing, Viagra canada online it is a research group that inquires into the various themes of nature through meetings, videos and Buy cheap viagra by rethinking places.
Since 2010 it has produced minimal actions, both on and within the landscape, together with people who have transformed their relationship with the environment into a passion or work. At first it fixed its attention on Cialis Daily online usa water and put into touch apparently quite different disciplines – biology, philosophy, architecture, contemporary art – with the aim of showing the similarities between scientific knowledge and art research. In 2011 the themes of gardens, Buy Silagra landscape and nature were studied in a series of meetings in a private apartment. The latest centre of attention is a study – a publishing project – of the Forte Marghera in Venice. The publication, as all the Cheap levitra professional other emersioni (highlights), is the result of Viagra sale prices cooperation, walks, skype conferences, close examinations.


76 Pounds

and XVI Coins


Budget for the fortification of the area of Marghera by the Lordship of Treviso, for the defence against La Serenissima. The works of fortification never took place since Forte Marghera was not built neither by Treviso nor by Venice. It was the work of Austrian and French invaders, hence for a short period it took the name of Forte Haynau.*

Julius Jacob von Haynau, Austrian General, Kassel 14 October 1786 – Wien 14 March 1853


76 Pounds and XVI Coins is the outcome of Order Neurontin a study on the flora and Sale Tadacip the architecture of Forte Marghera complex. The publication is first of all a mapping of the context, led through simple tools and light documentation. This publication, as all the other highlights, is the result of cooperation, walks, skype conferences, close examinations.

76 Pounds and XVI Coins includes the contributions of Enrica Dall’Ara, Claudio Beorchia, Chris Berthelsen, Jess Mantell, Jared Braiterman, Nicolò Degiorgis, Anya Jasbar, Daniel Augshoell.