AR.RI.VI. (Archivio di Ricerca Visiva, Visual Research Archive) is a cultural association, founded by artists and young researchers, whose aim is to collect materials and documents about the visual research in Italy in the Seventies and Eighties and to organize meetings, exhibitions and books presentations. The association provides documentation to anyone interested in these themes, and wants to demonstrate that these two decades, which are normally considered opposed, have very much in common. Artists, critics and gallery owners are invited to collaborate to the archive creation, by providing photographs, books, catalogues, videos and memories. The archive will be connected to other cultural associations, foundations and institutions, both national and international, and to the individual artists. The archive, partly on paper and partly digitalized, is constantly in progress. In a couple of years it will be possible to consult it directly on place or from the website. Knowing the works of a recent past can lead to a better understanding of the present, and to an harmonious development of the future. The main topic of the association will be “research” on visual art in all its forms (photography, reportage, etc.), and the comparison with other disciplines will provide new instruments to decode images.