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Since 2005 AreaOdeon develops, produce and support art and cultural projects that interact with the urbanscape and the citizens, promoting a renewed sense of awareness of our social processes, our territory and our potentialities as a whole. Interested in the diffusion of culture in all of its artistic expressions, the association seeks a new conception of relationship with the public, where the direct and active involvement makes the spectator integral part of the artistic moment.The group opens its own work to an international artistic vision, looking for, and experimenting with, new languages, tools and technologies, in a continuous constructive confrontation with other realities, for the development of a better consciousness of oneself, the others and our surroundings. The work of AreaOdeon is therefore declined in different artistic field of intervention, from public art installations, to performances and art exhibitions, from audiovisual workshops to new media festivals, from didactic laboratories to alternative communication in a continuous search of cultural growth, active dialogues between the young generations and the roots of the territory, daily questions and future perspectives, voices of individuals and the sense of a global community.