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Art Laboratory Berlin was founded in Autumn 2006 as Art Laboratory Berlin e.V, by an international team of art historians and artists. As a non-commercial art space, Art Laboratory Berlin was established as a platform for inter-disciplinary exhibition projects in an international context. Our main focus is the presentation of contemporary art in relation to other artistic and scholarly fields (e.g. the exhibition series Art & Music, Art & Text, Art & Science, Art & Law). In the series Artists in Dialog two artistic positions with a common theme, motif or strategy formed the starting point for an exhibition.
In 2011 Art Laboratory Berlin presented Sol Le Witt. Artist’s Books, an exhibition of the American conceptual artist’s complete artist books along with an international inter-disciplinary Sol Le Witt_Symposium. The project was an example of how Art Laboratory Berlin combines art and scholarship, as well as theory and practice in a multi-faceted set of exhibitions and events. Art Laboratory Berlin is also interested in supporting contact between artists and the public. To create a better understanding of emerging art and its interaction with other creative fields we present public discussions with artists and curators. Additionally our program includes lectures, film screenings, and workshops.
Our most recentseries of exhibitions, performances and viagra online order usa talks, Time and Technology, took as its theme the effects of the latest technology on our perception of time, and places this in the context of international artistic production. The technological developments of the last 25 years have considerably changed the way we live, work and communicate. How have these changes effected our sense(s) of time? These questions form the basis for four exhibitions (through October 2012).
Currently Art Laboratory Berlin is presenting a series of four exhibitions and an inter-disciplinary conference on the theme of Synaesthesia.
Currently Art Laboratory Berlin is run by Christian de Lutz and Regine Rapp.