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Omi International Arts Center is a not-for-profit residency program for international visual artists, writers, musicians and dancers as well as the site for The Fields Sculpture Park, a year round public exhibition space for contemporary sculpture located in Omi, a village in the Hudson River Valley two and a half hours from New York. The facilities, set on 150 acres of rural farmland, include a large two-story barn with ample space for indoor studios, as well as several large, covered sheds, suitable for sculpture. Housing is made available on the grounds. Group activities and meals are at Ledig House. There are three distinct residency programs: the Art Omi International Artist’ Colony, which invites thirty artists from all the world for three weeks in July; the Ledig house International Writer’s Colony, which sponsors forty to fifty writers and translators for up to two months every year; the Music Omi International Residency, which brings together twelve to fifteen musicians and composers every August. The final Sunday of the residency is set aside for the public to view the works produced by participating artists during the residency.The International Artists Colony is a three week Residency Program for visual artists. Art Omi provides artists with a studio, living quarters and meals at no cost; artists pay for their travel and for art materials (they may apply for one of the Fellowships to help with costs for travel and art materials). The Residency takes place for three weeks during the month of July. Each year, a different critic-in-residence is on hand to lead discussions and make one-on-one studio visits. Because of the proximity to New York City, there are also visits by many critics, gallerists, curators, and artists, and contacts are made through these informal encounters. In the evenings, after dinner, the group gathers for lectures, slide presentations and panel discussions.In 1998 the Fields Sculpture Park (200 acres approximately) was founded as public ground for viewing contemporary sculpture as part of The Arts Omi Center. There are over 50 sculptures viewable from a path which follows the edge of a natural pond surrounded by trees.