The art space artellewa is an independent, non-profit project,initiated by Hamdy Reda (Egyptian visual artist)with support from artists, sociologists, journalists.It was established in January 2007.
Artellewa space for contemporary art is located in Ard El Lewa, a residential area in the northwest of Giza, situated west of the railway, which is one of the outskirt-local areas of Greater Cairo.
The space itself comprises from two exhibition rooms of 3 x 3 meters; one which is open to the street, providing by-passers with a view to the inside of the (shop). Another exhibition room is located inside the building. In these rooms the work of different artists, who create their pieces especially for this concept of a small open space, is shown. Furthermore, there is a roof top space, where the exhibition accompanying discussions and viagra pfizer uk art lectures as well as film screenings are being held.
The idea behind this art space especially is to bring cultural education in form of art exhibitions, lectures, film screenings and workshops to poorer educated people to offer them an extraordinary place of rest and relieve in a residential domain, where art is in general considered as a good of luxury. The children/ youth growing up in Ard el Lewa, surrounded by poor educated crafts- or workmen, normally don’t get into contact with art in general.Furthermore with this art space we want to gain publicity for poorer areas like these, and to start building up informal structures of alternative education for the people of this area in general and for the younger Egyptian population especially.
Different categories of cultural activities:
Exhibitions: Each exhibition will be shown for two weeks in our showroom as well as in surrounding buildings. In our exhibitions we focus on contemporary arts from egyptian as well from foreign artists. The topic of each exhibition is reflecting in the accompanying activities, such as lectures, films and workshops as a contribution to cultural education and cultural exchange.
Film-screenings: we show arabic/egyptian and foreign films, to offer a platform for showing independent work and projects. The films are shown on the roof-top.
Lectures: Reflecting the theme of the exhibitions , art teachers and art critics held a lecture on art history, techniques, art science.
Meet the artist: Accompanying to every exhibition, we offer the possibility of a discussion with the artist on his work and experiences exchange.
Possibilities to take part – becoming active
Workshops: We do workshops for local people (children and youth). We offer the children/youth the possibility to learn different art forms and through this get them interested in contemporary arts as well to give them the possibility to start to express theirselves through art.
Mural painting: During the summer break we offer for one chosen artist the possibility of doing a mural painting in our showroom. This mural painting will last until the end of summer break.
Support for young artists
Open Atelier/Studio: We open our roof-top during the summer break for an “open atelier/studio”, where young artists or any other people, interested in doing arts, can use the space and work on their projects individually or together with other artists.
1st exhibition: We yearly give the possibility to one or two young Egyptian artist, to do his first exhibition in artellewa, where we will cover all costs for.