artepubblica is a collective organism composed of a variable nucleus of collaborators with different professional experiences who share an interest and are constantly active in the study and research of the multiple practices that are related to the sphere of public art.It originates from experiences accrued within neon>campobase and is proposed as a center of intermediation between customer, community and artist, taking on the viagra canada pharmacy responsibility of mediating their needs, confronting and resolving the problems and contrasts that can arise from the interaction of various people. artepubblica organizes meetings, lectures, workshops, and advanced seminars on both general and specific themes relative to public art, intended for students, professors, artists, professionals, and administrators.artepubblica also gathers an archive of materials related to public art, with specific attention paid to the Italian panorama: the archive – constantly updated – collects university theses, articles and viagra purchase uk essays, catalogues, books, videos, photographic documentations, projects, publications, and interviews. The catalogue of materials that can be consulted in residence is available online in the appropriate section on the website, together with pertinent information about public art projects realized in Italy and opportunities related to job advertisements.