The Association of Social Promotion Artetica was founded in 2005 by the will of some young women artists as laboratory, exhibition hall, an open space to artists and anyone who wants to participate in the experience of art: a meeting place where people of different cultures and generations can share knowledge, collaborate and develop their skills and sensitivity. The association is self-financed with its activities and lives of energy and creative resources of it’s  members. Based in Rome, via dei Marsi 18, in San Lorenzo, a neighborhood that retains its popular character and develops a keen cultural ferment. It was here six years ago that Artetica opened his venue as the first art gallery on the road in what is defined as the artists’ quarter. Since then Artetica promotes contemporary art in the real society and supports the artists that in despite of the skills and talent, have difficulty in finding professional opportunities in their careers. Artetica from it’s birth is ambitious in its objectives in relation to the territory in which it operates, as the approach to contemporary art of the people that are normally excluded for social or cultural reasons, and the offer of professional level experience to emerging artists who have difficult access to institutional exhibition spaces. Over the years these goals, differing from those of the art market, have been achieved through the resources we have been able to make available, from the seat space to our volunteer work, thanks to the talent of our artists, and the will to involve people through quality projects, regardless of the fact that they are potential buyers or belonging to the cultural establishment. Thanks to this Artetica initiatives over the years have attracted a lot of feedback: the association was registered at the Regional Social Promotion Bulletin Board, our website has about a thousand of contacts per month worldwide, our mailing list about two thousand members.  The success of projects such as Book-Art (international mailart project about Object-Book and Artist’s Book sponsored by UNESCO, the Italian Commission, under the patronage of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome) and of Talento da Vendere (a project of art-market for young talented artists), we have secured the interest of the media (Arte e Critica – Roma, Next Exit, Trovaroma, etc.).Artetica’s projects are made up entirely made up from members and all those who share the spirit, in fact artists, teachers and all staff members involved are active members Artetica who have long supported the Association voluntarily giving their time and commitment to its development. Over the years, new people came in contact with our institution sharing the goals, and have chosen to partner with us for free: these are the same that with time become the protagonists of the exhibitions, the workshops, the creators of the events. These are artists from different fields, chosen by the association for the interest of the research and the difficulties encountered in promoting its work in exhibition spaces appropriate to the high quality offered. Artetica then works as a laboratory for the development of artistical and educational projects  innovative, open, driven by ideas introduced by short, simple texts, to indicate the direction of the sense: anyone uses his personal sensitivity and talent to express himself in forms and ways that feels closer. We chose to carry through our exhibition projects without the support of critical  or curatorial texts to eliminate all forms of interference between the artwork and the viewer. So in our presentations texts are proposed in a clear and non-unambiguous way strong themes capable of stimulating the interest of different subjects, from artists to simple passers-by. The success of the project is therefore linked to creative abilities and achievement of those who take part, which makes Artetica a space dedicated to the exchange, dialogue and confrontation, to the art making and the creating together alternative pathways to propose it to the public through exhibitions, workshops events, music, readings that, through the aesthetic experience, can approach people.The Artetica added value is given by ethical assumptions that lead imperatively to act differently. Ideals rendered in methods and actions offered for free. This is the modus operandi suggested by Artetica for the promotion of contemporary art and to promote culture as a possible mean of social integration.Artetica is open to ideas and is a non-profit.