Artgallery is a cultural non-profit association founded promoting emerging artists.
The Association was founded in 2003 as a project of patronage created, financed and lowest price generic viagra managed by the Communication Agency Carta e Matita, as an alternative to mainstream art galleries.Over time, the site has taken on the characteristic of a virtual place of consultation between art lovers: a tool for innovation and free flow of ideas. Over the mail order viagra years, the project has gradually grown to exceed the boundaries of the web, involving Museums and Foundations in the country.
Artgallery regularly organizes exhibitions/charity events, supporting important NGOs and charitable organizations. The works exhibited are usually donated by the artists of the month. From 2005 to present day, Artgallery has organized several exhibition events, sponsored by some of the most important Italian brands.
Artgallery Project was selected among 140 competitors in the shortlist for the prestigious Premio Impresa e Cultura 2007, in which ArtGallery appears together with 20 projects presented by leading Italian businesses. Artgallery became a non-profit association in 2008.