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Arthub has been created as a not-for-profit in Hong Kong to expand Bizart’s scope in the Asian context. In this context, Arthub’s history is strictly related and come from the Asian soul of BizArt and its first Asian experiment Compass. Some of the listed events in this homepage come from BizArt records and are used here to provide background of where Arthub comes from and where Arthub is going to.
Supporting contemporary art creation in China and rest of Asia,  Arthub serves as a creative think tank, a collaborative production lab as well as a research platform for new art and ideas, cutting-edge projects and dialogue within the visual arts and new media. Inspired by the opportunities generated by the collective intelligence of the thinkers across media in the region, Arthub is committed to furthering experimentation, knowledge-production and diversity among dedicated artists, art professionals and arts organizations.
Arthub’s mission is to:
 -Identify, provide, and enable intellectual, strategic, logistical and financial means for ambitious new artistic projects and productions by Chinese and Asian contemporary artists.
- Actively facilitate an informal network of contemporary artists, art professionals and writers, both within the region and beyond- starting first with an Asia-wide exchange platform and community, where different ideas and individuals merge, interact and motivate each other.
- Act as a catalyzer of the same people who want to share and initiate ideas for projects including for knowledge production (publications, research projects, symposia) and diversity (capacity building, networking and regional mapping).
- To continue to develop new and informed audiences through educational initiatives.
- Serve as a Platform for international artists within China and rest of Asia, and facilitate the Production of artworks (including specific regional and international productions, exhibitions, performances, workshops)