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ARTSPACE is the leading platform for contemporary art in New Zealand Aotearoa. ARTSPACE is dedicated to commissioning and get viagra prescription presenting new ideas in art and culture. We are artist-centred, and aim to facilitate and resource artistic inquiry within a creative, critical and non-commercial environment. Alongside a commitment to artists we endeavour to operate as a cultural hub; fuelling active engagement at a national and international level for a diverse range of communities.
Production and PresentationThe central goal of ARTSPACE is to develop and nurture artistic research. Our primary means is through the presentation of an innovative exhibition programme which allows for discursive, intelligent and viagra pills risk-taking practices. The focus of ARTSPACE is to support contemporary artists whose work makes important contributions to shaping, interpreting and reflecting the ideas of our time. This focus on research and development of ideas is realised at a national and international level.EngagementIt is our aim that exhibition programmes are extended by critical dialogue through a range of means; from publications to ground-breaking and relevant education programmes. In addition, we work towards developing greater cultural diversity and understanding of our location within New Zealand Aotearoa, our responsibilities under the Treaty of Waitangi, within the Asia Pacific region and globally.It is our intention to act as an advocate and leader for the arts community. To this end we play an expanded role in our community through programmes including a publically accessible Reading Room which provides the most relevant art publications, and our International Visitors Programme, bringing internationally renowned curators and critics to New Zealand to meet with the local arts community.SustainabilityAs a non-profit charitable trust, we are accountable to all our funders and supporters and strive for transparency in our actions and processes. We aspire to develop multiple strands of funding and external partnerships to ensure our financial sustainability and growth into the future. Although imbedded into the community as an institution of significance, we also seek to remain a flexible and open platform, responsive to changing conditions and ideas, which will allow us to continue to develop into the future.