arttransponder provides a platform for discussions and exchange focussing on interdisciplinary, site specific, participatory and temporary art practices.
Our emphasis is on art which integrates the complexity of production, presentation and reception, as well as locates itself within and links to current discourses and theory. Intention is, to broaden definitions and parameters of art production and its operating system and challenge common modes of practice and presentation. Therefore we maintain an active exchange with international artists, initiatives, scientists and theoreticians. arttransponder develops and organizes art projects, exhibitions, workshops, screenings, lectures, talks and panel discussions on the interface to architecture, science, natural science, theory and politics. Our events take place decentred and central. Additionally we are working on expanding a reference library. Founded in 2004 as artist collective, arttransponder operates since 2005 as a non profit organization. arttransponder initiates and develops

international art projects and artist presentations with focus on experimental, interdisciplinary, socio-political & cultural research
projects and discussions with and between artists who integrate contextual reflections into the work, are working in the public space or produce work in the public realm
 the research of art practices being in direct relationship with theory
participatory art projects within different social contexts
the development of projects for art mediation that involve innovative methods beyond monological tours, involving the aspiration to evolve individual artistic positions
active exchange with theoreticians, scientists, scholars and other interested persons whose contributions are of interest to contextual art practices
the creation of a network and the development of an opportunity for exchange between artists and art initiatives
active exchange with national and international institutions supporting the purpose of the organization or pursuing similar goals
publications reflecting the work and projects