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Ashkal Alwan is a platform for the creation and exchange of artistic practices. As a non-profit, the association is committed to education, production, support and circulation of creative and intellectual endeavors rooted in an engagement with civil society.

The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan is a non-profit organization based in Beirut, Lebanon. Over the past 15 years, the association has been committed to the production, facilitation and circulation of artistic practices across a range of disciplines and media. Ashkal Alwan has supported the documentation and building of an archive of contemporary intellectual and creative endeavors in Lebanon. Ashkal Alwan’s programs include the Home Works Forum on Cultural Practices, curated projects in Lebanon and abroad, the publication of literary works and artists’ books, artists-in-residency programs, art production grants and the development of a public library and a research space. Entering its sixteenth year, the organization is launching an educational program and facility in Beirut, Ashkal Alwan for Contemporary Arts and the Home Works Academy. The Association is geared towards developing an interdisciplinary approach to arts education in addition to continuing Ashkal Alwan’s work and mission.