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Assab One is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 by Elena Quarestani with the aim of promoting contemporary art. Assab One is active in the production of exhibitions, events and buy discount viagra art projects. It focuses with special interest on initiatives that integrate different languages and are able to reach a wider audience, not just the art world. Specifically, Assab One promotes projects that use art as a form of investigation of the present, to facilitate dialogue and coexistence.It is located in an industrial complex that was previously the headquarters of a well-known printing plant, GEA (Grafiche Editoriali Ambrosiane). Assab One currently hosts exhibitions and events. The Assab One cultural association produces and promotes cultural and art projects.The name Assab One comes from the building’s address, just a short walk from the Cimiano stop on the green line of the Milan subway system. The neighborhood, like many other peripheral areas in the city, is in a process of change, looking for improvement and answers. Assab, the name of an African port, becomes a symbol for a place of exchange among individuals, different cultures and cheap uk viagra realities. Assab One is both a physical and a metaphorical space, open to the neighborhood and the city, engaged in an ongoing dialogue with artists, initiatives and institutions in Italy and abroad.