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Di + is a non-profit cultural association involved in promoting contemporary art and photo-journalism. The association evaluates the connection of these languages applied to the social fabric, both at a local and international level.Di + uses methodologies and languages that are specific to contemporary art and photo-journalism through a consolidated practice of:investigation and research analysis and study of the problem direct viewreportage direct testimonies listening sensitivity and discretion of the arguments treated co-operation both in the elaboration as well as the realization of the projects intelligibility of messages relations between different fields of knowledge evaluation of cultural differences.
The aims of the association are:
- to get out of the self-referential circle in which contemporary art is so often imprisoned
- to produce photo-journalism with a timing suited to the comprehension of the social reality that it is related to
- to build temporary cultural networks between different fields of knowledge
- to establish a co-operation with organizations working on projects of humanitarian ends and social commitment
- to promote and produce public art projects
- to produce cultural projects that foresee a permanence in particularly problematic places, nations, and environments
- to organize exhibitions and cultural events
- to produce publishing projects