From october 1992 on, on invitation of the City of Marseilles, the association Astérides is sheltered on the fifth floor of La Tour, on the newly born site of la Friche la Belle de Mai. The association is by then composed of four artists, who build the first studios in the ancient catering rooms of the Seita factory Gilles Barbier, Sandrine Raquin, Jean-Christophe Nourisson, Claire Maugeais).
Responding to the growing need of young artists for experimentation spaces, Astérides offers them temporary occupation’s periods of its studios. 
The first residents are received in march 1993 by Astérides’ founding artists. From this moment on, a collective motivation will stand central for the progressive configuration of new studios, as well as for the structuration of Astérides’ entity. In the same time, the association sets its will to multiply ideas exchanges and generic cialis viagra share of contact networks. From the very start, Astérides develops a mix in the heart of its studios, encouraging the encounter of young artists (from Marseilles, elsewhere and abroad) with confirmed artists.The main idea of the association, shared by all members of Astérides, is to succeed in unificating artists for the constitution of a fluctuating space, dedicated both to artistic discussion and work. Astérides’ prime intention is to help and develop contemporary artistic work and thought. 
Mainly, the aim of the association is to share the benefits of its reflections with the artists’ population from Marseilles and elsewhere, young as confirmed. The variety of confrontations and encounters as means to feed one another’s work stands central in Astérides’ structuration.

In 1997, the setting of la Galerie de la Friche, public exhibitions’ space, allows the association to program a selection of the artists in residency’s work. 
From 1998 on, Astérides enlarges the contents of its exhibitions, and initiates invitations to artists outside the only frame of its studios. Through the intentions and reflections of its founding artists, Astérides puts its skills to the service of artists involved in contemporary art. 
 Astérides’ activities are set in a space which function is to provide artists with a studio at first, but mainly with a better knowledge of the professional network of contemporary art. The association supports artists in their attempt to get to know and integrate the artistic scene, and more generally aims to enhance their carreer.