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Originally an artists studio, Bamboo Courtain Studio extended the scope of activities covering international cultural exchanges, artists-in-residency, public art projects and cheap uk viagra educational programs. The studio and exhibition complex was set up in the twin buildings of a former chicken farmhouse at Tamshui (40 km from Taipei County). One house is space for regular exhibitions and performing art programs. The other one was used as a ceramics and multi-purpose studio. In between the two buildings is an outdoor garden.The Bamboo Courtain Studio aims to assist in the further understanding and development of merging art trends in Taiwan; simultaneously, it endeavours to promote cross-cultural exchange by providing a meeting point for international artists. It was established to meet the shortage of working environment in four types of contemporary art in Taipei:1) working space and equipment for mixed media artists;2) exhibition space for installation/ site specific art;3) presentation space for experimentation and development of multi-media art;4) consultative, research and implementation services for arts related project. The Studio endeavours to push forward a better urban environment by helping artists in executing public art projects. It also endeavours to work with the community in the further understanding of the arts, specially ceramic arts. It offers studio visits and hands on experiences for local schools, art academies, civic groups and art foundations.The Bamboo Curtain Studio aims to have a spectrum of artists working in the studios. It offers short working studio spaces to visiting artists. Until now, artists from San Francisco, from Hong Kong, from Germany and as well as from Japan has already stayed there. They also offers six months of residency to emerging artists in the field of ceramic arts with full access to the ceramic material and facilities.