is an artist -run space initiated in 2006 by Banu Cennetoğlu which collects and produces artists’ books and printed matters.In a country where the art world is quiet limited in terms of infrastructure, book art could be an efficient way to disseminate work and words. Books and printed matters are efficient means to question.A book can create a discussion because it demands the reader’s participation. It is not a detached or a distant participation; it is a direct one involving the reader’s body and mind.The maker of the book creates a fixed content, than the reader manipulates this very space mentally and physically.
BAS, while willing to create awareness with its growing international artists’ books collection aims as well to generate a new platform for Turkish artists to explore printed matter as an alternative space.
The first project Bent, made in collaboration with Philippine Hoegen, will be to produce a series of artists’ books from Turkey.