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Beo_Project is the first italian-serbian expositive space in Belgrade, directed by Zara Audiello in collaboration with 22:37 Association. Situated in the central district of Vračar; the small and discount viagra drug dynamic project room has the intention to present creative projects with a contemporary perspective. The decision to open one expositive space in Belgrade is due to research. For some years the director’s curatorial interest are orientated on East; an area full of potential which is not yet fully discussed. Beo _project works thanks to a network build with Association 22:37 and wants to be a place of connection between the international artistic world and the Balkan region. The project room provides a platform for the exchange of ideas within the intersection of different artistic disciplines. The main focus is to create a space for artists and curators where is possible share ideas and work, exhibit and perform. This can take many shapes, such as exhibitions, events, workshops, collaborations and art project which are based on education and participation of citizen.