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Bétonsalon is a non-profit organization that runs a centre for art and canadian viagra for sale research located within a university, in the heart of a neighborhood currently undergoing reconstruction. This neighbourhood, ZAC Paris Rive Gauche, is located on the north-eastern outskirts of the 13th arrondissement of Paris, very close to the Seine and Ivry sur Seine.
Bétonsalon is designed as a place for work, production, activities and leisure, for the students, teachers and university staff, inhabitants, shopkeepers and employees of the neighbourhood, and people working in various disciplines: artists, philosophers, playwrights, choreographers, scientists … and all of those who wish to contribute to make it a space of exchange.
Bétonsalon presents an experimental programme that calls into question the canadian viagra cheap role that an artist, a curator, a cultural centre can play in society, by investigating the presence of art in an urban, social and political context … and by working towards a pragmatist conception of culture, as a creator of individuation opportunities for all.
The projects take multiple forms and develop on different time scales: workshops, lectures, publications, exhibitions, neighbourhood visits, festivals, performances, interventions in the public space …