Bureau des compétences et désirs


The Bureau des competences et desirs (Office for Abilities and canadian cialis Desires), established in 1994, is a non-lucrative organisation that realises engaged public art projects in the Provence-Alpes Cote d’Azur region.It works in the framework of the cultural programme of the Fondation de France entitled ‘Noveaux Commanditaires’ that enables citizens to commission a work from an artist. In the commissioning process it acts as the mediator between those who commission the work of art (i.e. associations, clubs, hospital staff, mayor / inhabitants of a town or city, a school director. etc.) and the artist, whom it selects.Since 1999, the ‘Bureau’ has produced artists multiples and have organised exhibitions of objects and multiples proposed by Chris Dercon of the Bojmans Museum in Rotterdam and Philippe Vergne of the Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis. The various movements of the 20th Century, as well the more innovative contemporary practices, clearly consider the artists multiple as an artistic experience in its own right. Today this concept that is amongst the most significant in the art of 20th century, is perfectly representative of the diversity and modernity of numerous contemporary practises.’Serial Objects’, one of the Bureau projects, introduces the multiple as a field of action: theoretical reflection, production of works. The programming of ‘Serial Objects’ is conceived in co-operation with private and institutionals partners.’The Agency’ instead is a space devoted to showing the commissioning process that will be based on the presentation of projects already realised and/or those in progress. ‘The Agency’ is a place of information, exhibition and exchange to the public. Its objectives are:-to show the creative process of each project by exhibiting the realisations of the artists and architects;-to inform by the creation of a permanent archive on art commissions (i.e. videos on artists and commissioning bodies, documents linked to the production of the work of arts, books, magazines and multimedia aid):-to transform the relationship to the art commission through a place reserved for vivid exchange and dialogue between the different partners, artists, architects and public.In the framework of the programme ‘Nuveaux Commanditaires’, a training programme has been envisaged. It consists of an eight months internship offering ‘on site’ professional training.