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Capacete starts its activity in 1998 under the name Espaco P, later changed into in Espaco Purplex; in 1999 it is definitely renamed Capacete. Until 2001 it has shared spaces and buy clomid unprescribed administration with Agora. The purpose of Capacete is to exhibit and produce previously unshown conceptual and contextual works, comprising a variety of artistic strategies. It is first of all interested in the ‘space’ that exists between the art gallery and the city in the multiple manifestations of its urban histoy. Projects get in touch with urban space not only through visual arts but also through written narration, providing a platform for organizing and documenting the artist’s production and making it available to the public: the artist’s agent is the content of its work. Capacete organizes exhibitions and publishes a magazine called ‘Capacete Planet’.
Capacete is managing three residencies: one in Rio de Janeiro since 1998, a second one in São Paulo since 2009 and a third in a mobile format since 2004.