Careof Organization for Contemporary Art

Since 1987 Careof, Organization for Contemporary Art, has promoted and supported contemporary Italian and international artistic research, paying particular attention to the emerging generations of artists. Over the twenty years of its existence Careof has organised and hosted over 200 solo and group exhibitions, establishing itself as a space for lively artistic experimentation. Through the organisation of workshops, seminars and conferences, Careof has created a network for distributing information and a platform for discussion between artists, critics, curators and the public. Thanks to the network built up over the years and the many collaborations which have been developed with public and private institutions – including the Comune and the Provincia of Milan, the Regione Lombardia, the Accademie di Belle Arti, museums and many art spaces, both in Italy and abroad – Careof has promoted a large number of Italian artists and has brought to Milan a focus on the international artistic scene. Among the most recent projects, Ritratti. Percorsi video a Milano is a program over several years, commissioning video works about Milan to Italian and international artists with the aim to examine the local context with different approaches and methods. The first production was made by the Italian group ZimmerFrei (Memoria Esterna, 2007), the second one by the English duo Semiconductor (Matter in Motion, 2008) and the last one by Meris Angioletti ( Il paradigma indiziario, 2009). In 2006 Careof was accredited as an Historical Archive by the Italian Ministry of Arts and Culture, due to the importance of its collection of video and photographic material. The archive offers a wide and varied range of materials for consultation: from the very first artistic experimentations using video, to video documentation of international contemporary art exhibitions, conferences and events, to the works by the youngest artists.
DOCVA Documentation Center for Visual Arts
In 1994 Careof and Viafarini established a partnership for the organisation and management of a range of services for promoting contemporary art. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of the Documentation Center for Visual Arts, currently one of the most advanced Centers in Italy for managing and distributing information related to contemporary art. In 2008 the two organisations opened new premises at the Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan. On this occasion the DOCVA  Documentation Center for Visual Arts inaugurated, bringing together the Library, the Artist Archive, the Video Archive and the opportunities database under one roof. The Documentation Center is closely tied to the exhibition and education activities undertaken by Careof and Viafarini through exhibitions, workshops, didactical activities for schools, seminars and conferences with international critics, curators and artists.