An artist-run space is a project managed by artists, for an audience of curious art lovers who want to feel closer to the creative core of contemporary art. CARS stands for Cusio Artist-Run Space, a development and online viagra continuation of MARS, the Milan project and location that has been working since 2008 as a not-for-profit activity seeking a wide and diversified dialogue with the audience and the city scene.
CARS is an artists’ residency space and the element of residency is key to creating a virtuous circle with the local cultural and productive excellence areas.
The CARS staff combines expertise in creative work with a deep knowledge of Ludiko’s regional district – the MARS steering committee – enriched by contributions from artists and art dealers of proven proficiency.
It is CARS firm belief that the study and cheap viagra online uk research phase require proper support to ensure efficient communication with the receivers of the art produced, this is why CARS promotes the art projects produced within the studio context – always open to unpredictable developments – as a way of nurturing virtuous relationships and partnerships with the clients.
CARS does not worship art disciplinary independence and heartfully welcomes the integration of non-linear, unconventional projects with the local territory, landscape and community, and promotes new experiments and interactions.
CARS opens this studio for faraway guests and glances at the local territory to try and convey its existing forces to launch a new action and cultivate opportunities to then turn them into profitable relationships and results.
The first edition of CARS will present two collective contemporary art shows and a one-month residency that will take place in a 300sqm space and will end with the exhibition of all the works and the research developed. The exhibition will be hosted in a 150sqm white cube located in a nearby post-industrial space.
Two one-month residencies are scheduled in 2011. The call for entries and the selection process will be managed by the self-appointed Scientific Committee.
CARS offers artists an opportunity, and recognizes and follows their work, also following clues and planting new ones. To plant new clues means CARS will be building a specific collection that will expand year after year, with one work being donated by each artist who will take part in each residency. A contemporary art collection that will contribute in making a new tradition, reinforcing the present and building a bridge to the future.
On December 3rd, 2008 the MARS space opened in Via Guido Guinizzelli, 6, Milan. A new Artist-Run Space, a project completely managed by artists for an audience of curious art lovers who want to feel closer to the creative core of contemporary art. Based on Lorenza Boisi’s original concept, in the via Pasteur space, a group of some 20 young artists started a performing art, exhibiting and artistic program inspired by other similar artist-run European projects.
From a not-for-profit perspective, free from speculative coactions – neither conceptual nor commercial – MARS stands out of traditional contexts and works as a deeply rooted research entity, in a close dialogue with the many and diverse professional personalities in the visual art field.
CARS steering committee
president Andrea Ruschetti
director Lorenza Boisi
counselors Paolo Gonzato, Luca Trevisani logistics Monica Bottani local curator and press officer Davide Tomaiuolo, Paola Gallio consultant  Antonio Barletta.
The collective contemporary art shows will be staged at a 150sqm white cube located in the former Bialetti factory, now an interstitial location within the Nuova Faro Giocattoli warehouses, in the Omegna in via Pastrengo, in the heart of Via dei Mille industrial park.
The participants will stay and work at the Residency/Studio Space in vicolo Strona, within the former FARO Foundry. The location (over 400 sqm) is managed by the Mastronauta Cultural Association. The building also currently hosts a permanent felting workshop, a sound rehearsal studio, the Ludiko Village creative workshop and a roomy workshop area presently used as an artist’s studio.