Cemeti Art House

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Since 1988, Cemeti Art House has been actively communicating and buy cheap generic cialis stimulating art practices of contemporary Indonesian as well as foreign artists. Many projects have been realized each year, including solo-, group exhibitions, performances, site-specific- and community projects, often accompanied by discussions and artist’ talks. It also curates and/or organizes exhibitions and projects in other venues and abroad. 
n its bid to seek and develop discourse, Cemeti Art House not only operates as a platform for the latest developments, but organizes and facilitates specific projects and connects artists with other professionals and viagra usa work relative to specific communities (for example ‘art of Bamboo’ 2002, ‘Choose your own public: Playground’ 2005 / Counter Attract’ 2005, ‘Traditional Performing Arts program’ at five villages with Ford Foundation Network 2007 / 2008).  Since 2006, Cemeti Art House opened the residency program LANDING SOON. During each residency period of three months, artists are ‘landing’ in Yogyakarta. Local as well as global issues are researched through different themes, visions and conditions.