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Chisenhale is a charitable non-profit organisation and buy zithromax online is steered by a board of trustees, each with a wide range of backgrounds from the arts, education and business.Located in a veneer factory, tucked away in a residential East End street, Chisenhale contains a dance space, artists’ studios and an exhibition space of about 230m2 which has found its mettle showing sculpture, installation and, in particular video and film. Set up by artists in 1986, it is now an independent, publicly founded gallery.It is one of the East London’s primary space for contemporary art. Chisenhale is committed to developing new work of national and international significance, and to providing artworks commissioned from emerging artists. Through its innovative education programme, Chisenhale gallery provides access to contemporary art and artists for the local population – and especially children -through its work in Tower Hamlets schools. Chisenhale’s ‘Get Art’ project trains artists to work with young people at each of the special educational needs schools in the borough.The gallery received revenue funding from two public bodies: London Arts and The Arts Council of England. Each exhibition project also receives additional funding and sponsorship from other partner bodies.