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CityArts is dedicated to working with local communities and artists in Dublin to create new high quality arts programming in a community context. Over the past four years, following on from the Civil Arts Inquiry (2002-04), CityArts has created a significant new matrix of relationships, critical explorations and strategic partnerships aimed at negotiating improved arts provision for those sections of society traditionally excluded from the mainstream of cultural life within the city.
In recent years CityArts has developed a new set of flagship arts projects and areas that have moved steadily away from the traditional venue-based approach towards an exploration of public contexts and particular communities of interest. These projects include: Towersongs, Young Urban Arts and The Archive.
The opening of the new CityArts home on Bachelors Walk in central Dublin later in 2009 affords new ways of engagement between the public and the arts with the building as a hub of activity connecting Dublin communities, artists and the international field of collaborative and socially engaged arts practice.