CLAC  was born in Palermo in order to work in planning and viagra without prescription uk management of cultural projects. The aim is to develop cultural management in Palermo and to create relationships with other operators in Italy and in Europe to stimulate exchange of experiences and mobility of projects, people, ideas. We think that cultural projects can be an important tool for the economic development; to do so it is important to stimulate dynamics of collaboration between institutions, entrepreneurs, cultural managers and artists. Clac intends to spread a cultural action based on the idea of “the community  plan” in different artistic fields, so we have worked in contemporary visual art, audiovisual, publishing, music etc. always involving people in our cultural and development projects. ACTIVITIES: Our work is based on project so the activities depend often by the iter of the different projects that we succed to realize. We also work as consultant for young and creative start up. We offer a service, called “CATAMIATI” a sicilian word that means “move up” encouraging young people that have ideas in develop an entrepreneurial project. Other activities concern cultural management and cialis pills organization and communication. We also manage a co-working place “Re Federico” in a large apartment on the third floor of an Art Nouveau building in popular district of Palermo. Co-working is a way of life; a reinvention of the free-lance work and the city. We live together combining both shared and private areas with the sharing of goods and services. Testing new models of society we create an ethical life, both pleasant and economical. We have created “Laboratorio per l’innovazione” (innovation lab) in order to spread social innovation culture and improve exchanges with other european and order viagra cialis non european countries.