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Condotto C is an open cooperative, involving artists, graphic artists,curators, choreographers, photographers and others who operate and combine forces at “Condotto C” (the so called C-Chute to paraphrase the Asimov story), so that it becomes a space for parallel projects; an unofficial or experimental extension of their artistic activities. We don’t agree with facile categorizations, and our freeform and horizontal configuration preserves us from fixed roles and generalizations. We won’t have fixed rules and we will be open to a wide range of activities, from installations, to the ephemeral event, to performances, to dance as well as debates and theatre. No door is ever shut. The mainstays of our philosophy will be mobility and flexibility. Therefore we will exist merely as a space: a 16 by 2.4 meter C-Chute. As is the Asimov story, the chute represents for us an escape route, where art can be a little more daring. We aim to make an impact and inspire, we believe there is much room for experimentation. The artist will be able to work in complete freedom; creating works that stray from his or her usual modus operandi. An improbable performance, perhaps, or a parallel project, or other ideas to evaluate. Inside the space, the imperative is to collaborate, via works-in-progress, unofficial projects designed for the Chute. The cooperative will decide whether or not to propel the project into the space.