consonni is a producer of art projects based in Bilbao. It is a nonprofit association of private ownership. Since 1997, it has been inviting artists to develop projects which do not take the form of an art object displayed in an exhibition space.
Matthieu Laurette, Hinrich Sachs, Andrea Fraser, Sergio Prego, Ibon Aranberri, Itziar Okariz, Saioa Olmo, Iratxe Jaio and order cialis Klaas van Gorkum, Virginia Villaplana, María Ruido, Superflex, etc. are developing works with consonni which borrow tools from the contemporary world to produce art projects in a wide variety of formats including a television programme, an auction of Basque typography, guided tours of an abandoned amusement park and a march of zombies to subvert, criticize or simply analyze the society that surrounds them.
It is less visible as art but it is seen by a wider range of audiences. consonni opts for camouflage as its strategy and  action method. The production of art in its most intangible, communicative sense and the system of art itself are based not only on practice and context but also on self-analysis and questioning, which consonni seeks to provoke in all its projects.
director-curator/producer: María Mur Dean 
general manager: Marielle Uhalde
publication manager: Nerea Ayerbe Elola
production manager: Montserrat Brunet Navarro
general design and project program: Olaia Miranda Berasategi