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Creative Time commissions, produces, and presents art that engages history, breaks new ground,
challenges the status quo, and infiltrates the public realm while engaging millions of people in New York City and across the globe. We are guided by a passionate belief in the power of art to create inspiring personal experiences as well as foster social progress.
We privilege artists’ ideas. We get excited about their dreams and respond to them by providing big opportunities to expand their practices and take bold new risks that value process, content and possibilities. We help artists push beyond their comfort levels, just as they push us beyond ours. In the process, artists engage in a dynamic conversation between site, audience, and context, offering up new ideas about who an artist is and what art can be, pushing culture into fresh new directions. In the process, our artists’ temporary interventions into public life promote the democratic use of public space as a place for free and creative expression while reaching people beyond the uk viagra sales traditional limitations of class, age, race and education.