Diogene Bivacco Urbano

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Diogene_urbanbivouac project is the result of the cooperation of artists whose purpose is to activate, thanks to a program of residences and viagra online international exchanges, a new way of delving into the artistic operating and into the role of the artist in our society. The aim is to recover the dialogue among artists in order to focus the attention on the deep comprehension of the artistic work’s poetics. The project is part of a group of international residences which have a precise aim: to live and work in the city taking full advantage of all its “in-between” spaces. Like mountain bivouacs – adapting themselves to the morphology of the places – use the pre-existing shapes given by natural shelters, Diogene_urbanbivouac takes shape using the empty spaces between the built up and the uninhabited areas, between the interior and the exterior, between the public spaces and the private ones. Living on such sites in a small self-built habitat is an approach not meant to be defined as an extreme experiment of survival but rather as an intention to interact with the city – our present “natural habitat” – reducing everyday needs to the essential and drawing on this condition to restore value to the content of the artist’s work.