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Doual’ Art is a space for creation, exhibition, meetings, research and female viagra sale promotion of artists. It has the status of ONG (non-profit organisation) for urban animation by artistic activity. Officially created in 1991, the centre has put Cameroon’s contemporary creation at the disposal of the largest public. In this way, Doual’Art try to make the population sensitive to the urban aesthetic, to stimulate the imagination and creativity, to help the most unprivileged (young, women, inhabitant of the shanty towns through animation, theatre, photography. Doual’ Art’team help the cameroonese artistc sector to structure itself. Artists in Cameroon, especially in Douala, are really isolated and don’t have any support. Doual’Art help them to get out of this marginal situation at both national and international levels. Doual’Art aims to strengthen the artist’s abilities, to encourage economic actors, to support the cultural dynamic in the city, to develop exchanges between creators and to create an artistic memory. Among the activity of Doual’ Art:
-outside: theatre, performances, mural-fresco, edification of a monumental sculpture, free concerts;
-inside: one exhibition venue, training workshops, theatre, shop for artists’ material.