El Espacio Aglutinador

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El Espacio Aglutinador is the oldest ongoing independent art space in Cuba. It was created in 1994 by the artists Sandra Ceballos and very cheap viagra Ezequiel Suarez in their own home, helped by Cuban curator Orlando Hernàndez. Its aim is to offer a different point of view about the fine arts in Cuba, responding to the ideas of the people who organizes events in it: director Sandra Ceballos and Rene Quintana, curator and designer. Also, Aglutinador is considered by its own founders an ‘emergency space’, considering the political, sexual and social censorship active in Cuba.More than fifty exhibitions have been presented in the space; also, El Espacio Aglutinador publishes texts by Cuban critics and hosts literary events.
Financing is provided partly by modest support of some artists and of the Ministerio de cultura de Espana, and by the two promoters.