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Forde is an independent art space founded in Geneva in September 1994. Created within the Usine, a building which brings numerous cultural infrastructures together (a cinema, a theatre, a concert hall, a bar, a restaurant and artists’ studios). Forde’s mission is to organize exhibitions free of any commercial or institutional constraints.
Towards this goal, Forde is awarded an endorsement from the Département municipal des affaires culturelles de Genève. This financial backing allows the Forde association to run an independent program.
Every two years the committee names one or more curators who are entrusted with the management of the space: program, administration and maintenance.
The people designated have complete freedom is handling Forde’s activities for a year and a half. The committee, which is composed of the previous curators and some artists, will only control the accounts and have no right to intervene in the content of the exhibits or events organized in Forde.