esterni develops cultural projects in several fields: films, design, art, and music are just some of our fields of interest.
The upgrading of public areas and buy cheap viagra online the centrality of people are the no prescription cialis driving force of all esterni activities; socialization, cultural exchange, the city as a place where people meet and get together, social responsibility and broadened participation are the motive behind each and every project. esterni has been active in Milan and other cities in Italy and the world since 1995; our headquarters are a multifunctional three-storey building in Milan’s città studi area. Besides our office, it contains a film room, a bar trattoria, a bed and breakfast, an outlet, and an area for exhibitions. 15 people work full time in the different sectors involved in the designing and zithromax generic development of projects and events. Every phase of the projects, from their planning to the very end, is entirely carried out by esterni, in collaboration with its international network of professionals and advisors (artists, musicians, handicraftsmen, critics, journalists, intellectuals, graphic designers, technicians).