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Franklin Furnace was founded in 1976 to serve artists whose work was under represented by mainstream institutions. Since then, it has promoted and nourished artists whose ideas have pushed the boundaries of avant-garde expression. Initially serving artists who chose publishing as a primary artistic medium, Franklin Furnace has engaged in a constant process of evolution, adapting to new modes of presentation, preservation and performance, installation and on-line projects. Since 1997, Franklin Furnace is reinventing itself as a ‘virtual institution’ not identified with its real estate but rather with its resources, made accessible by electronic and other means. Its web site became its public face and since that time its programs have been mounted in both physical and virtual space in collaboration of an array of collegial organisations.Franklin’s mission is to present, preserve, interpret, proselytize and viagra online no prescription advocate on behalf of avant-garde art, especially forms that may be vulnerable due to institutional neglect, their ephemeral nature, or politically unpopular content.Franklin Furnace is dedicated to serving artists by providing both physical and virtual venues for the presentation of time-based visual art, including but not limited artists’ books and periodicals, installation art, performance art, live art on the Internet, and to undertake any other activity related to these purposes. In this way, it recommits its purpose to serving emerging artists and their ideas; and to assuming an aggressive educational stance with regard to the discount pill viagra value of avant-garde art to contemporary cultural life.