Since 1997, Glassbox has for vocation to promote the international contemporary creation in visual arts, without technical nor theoretical borders. During 10 years, the space this ceaselessly renewed team, occupied, on Oberkampf street, opened its doors to projects contributing to the emergence of new artistic landscapes. In September, 2007, Glassbox settled down in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, welcomed by the theatre of CIUP.
Anne Couzon Cesca, François and viagra canada online Arnaud Bernus, joined since 2008 by Aleksandra Jatczak, Nicolas Juillard, Stéphane Despax and Nicolas Tilly – and since 2009 by Fabrice Panichi – are the carriers of this project in peregrination. This team is invited to think the continuity of Glassbox “without its walls “.”We have at heart to offer to the artists we seek the means to intervene in one of the viagra price online numerous places of the Cité, through its residences, its sports and cultural equipments as well as through its green spaces “. Without apparent rule, if not the one to stretch its playground to the whole territory of the Cité Internationale, and being true to its “lively” tone, Glassbox will have for mission to accompany and of underline the visible or discreet presence of its guests and their propositions. This first encounter allowed us to take into account the organization of this stucture, and to abandon the idea of creating « a box » in the heart of the site.Then, we gradually envisaged an association of associations enriching our respective missions, and allowing us to travel without walls, that is without precise delimitation space of exhibition.Thus, our propositions will oscillate between cartes blanches offered to Glassbox by CitéCulture, and events uniting the co-signature of these two entities.