Guardiola Contemporanea Contemporanea//guardiola contemporanea.jpg

There are two aspects that characterize the Piazza della Guardiola at Piraino: its distance and order cialis cheap its ability to connect. This place defines itself by its distance because it appears as a strange artifact suspended in the landscape, detached from its  surroundings: a platform from outer space that landed on a rock. But the Guardiola also connects: in fact by standing on this platform and looking behind in opposite direction from the viagra online canada sea, one sees the village of Piraino. Guardiola includes Piraino and the village exists in this image. Guardiola as well connects to the entire coast below, relating to the sea, its islands and volcanos. The coast in its entirety exists in our eyes only from the Guardiola. And this not exclusively from a geographical point of view, but also historical: this pace contains many narratives: of the Bizantine dominion, Saracen invasions and of the Fascist period. During the latter the original Guardia (which was an observation spot provided with a simple round watch building) was changed into a plaza with seating areas and neo-gothic arches that framed the view: the landscape was romanticized and appropriated by ideology. To the two characteristics of distance and connection converging in this place we add the notion of Guardiola as a place of culture. Culture and cheap viagra order online critique need distance and connection at the same time and the Guardiola is a machine that from its distance creates relations and connections. The village of Piraino can identify with this place, because it is here that one recognizes  Piraino’s true capital: its larger landscape.