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interSpace is one of the leading institutions of an international network of indipendent art organisations. It was founded in 1998 in Sofia, Bulgaria, to produce, develop and promote Bulgarian media art locally and internationally. Since its creation, interSpace has forged creative relationship with several international organisations such as ‘The Kitchen’, New York, ‘The Netherlands Media Art Institute-Montevideo TBA’ in Amsterdam and Van Gogh TV, based in Austria and Germany.The centre also has several important local collaborative partners such as ‘International youth film festival’ in Sofia, as well as the ‘Soros Centre for the Arts’, with which it is working on ‘’, a server for Bulgarian art and culture.Since its inception, interSpace has been extremely active in disseminating Bulgarian media art locally. It produced several large scale projects in Sofia during its first years of activity, including ‘Project End’.The name means a space that exists somewhere in between different axes, a crossover of oppositions like art/technology, theory/practice, street/media.