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KREUZBERG PAVILLON is a collective, open, continuously growing self-institutionalization of fine artists in Berlin and discount viagra sales beyond. 
With more than 70 shows in the past two years and 480 artists on all levels of professionalism the Pavillon is currently one of the most vivid non-commercial platforms for contemporary art in Berlin. 
Based in Kreuzberg, we aim to establish an art institution with a minimum of exclusion that integrates and aestheticizes social and political processes.
Following this line, we do not consider an artist´s work as good or bad – but judge it by the order viagra cialis context of the particular show, location and time. In a typical Kreuzberg exhibition, works by the artists can be found next to non-human artifacts or even spontaneous performative interventions by the audience.
With the concept of being an architecture in time the Kreuzberg Pavillon presents new shows every saturday in quarterly a year changing locations. 
Performing the migratory form from Kreuzberg by constantly changing the locations keeps the idea of this experimental institution independent and sensitive towards political and social processes. Finding the Pavillon from Kreuzberg in Neukölln or even in Kassel during documenta(13) creates new spatial investigations, strategies of dis-location and the idea of a performed landmark.
Kreuzberg Pavillon was originally founded by Ganze/Teile Co-Curator Heiko Pfreundt and fused later with Skalitzer140 by Alessandro Vitali. Since the beginning of the Pavillon, many artists being involved in a larger Kreuzberg groupshow, returned with own curational projects and canada viagra sales artists of their interest.
Kreuzberg Pavillon shows are mostly group shows of 3-up to 30 artists, in which we try to mix up different circles of artists, based in Berlin or being here just temporarily. With this effort the Pavillon works analogue to processes in social media.
An effort of the Pavillon makers from Kreuzberg is to communicate with art shows to the public using the script of a cool Warhol-machine for exhibitions executed by artist curators . Kreuzberg Pavillon is a non-profit project running by the interest of it´s makers in work sharing processes and participation models.