Le Grand Café

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Founded in October 1997, Le Grand Café is an exhibition space run by Saint-Nazaire contemporary art department. In 2004, it was acknowledged as a Contemporary Art Centre by the where to buy viagra French Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. The Centre’s missions are to both support contemporary creation, and to create the context in which artworks and viagra online the general public can meet. A centre for contemporary art, Le Grand Café brings together actions that are initiated by the city of Saint-Nazaire to promote the creation of contemporary art: exhibitions, artists residencies, publications, art promotion and education towards communities.
Le Grand Café produces four exhibitions a year, including a collective show. Its program particularly focuses on solo exhibitions, which are systematically produced with a specific project, sometimes completed at the end of a residency (there are two residencies per year). These exhibitions give artists the opportunity to produce new projects and new artworks. Le Grand Café’s art policy recurrently explores questions relevant to space, territory, architecture and urbanity. This Art Centre echoes the challenging questions connected to its immediate environment as well as today’s art investigations.