Makan is an independent dynamic space for contemporary art in Amman, Jordan, created in 2003 encouraging experimentation in concepts and discount pill viagra production. Makan cooperates with artists with an open door for new ideas and creative suggestions, it works towards creating links between the local art scene and the region as well as internationally, also building a network of artists, art operators and spaces. Makan’s events focus on social issues and taking art into the public sphere, its projects include an artist exchange and residency program, organization and participation in workshops locally and viagra professional internationally, art events including exhibitions, performances, film screenings and music, as well as provide studio spaces for artists.
After some work in arts and culture in Beirut and Amman, long conversations with practicing artists and with a passion for music and performance, Ola Khalidi established Makan: an open space for the arts. A liberal space that is alternative to the formal, commercial and institutional, flexible and relaxed; a house for the arts where artists meet, ideas are generated and projects developed. Makan found itself a place: a balcony with the perfect view over looking Amman’s downtown attached to an apartment. Friends and family supported its beginnings with funds and labor as well as talk and dreams, Makan opened house with a small team of one in April 2003. It began with a music concert by Jordanian singer Makadi Nahhas and an intimate crowd of 40 people.
Today, Makan still inhabits this flat, an office, a main multipurpose middle hall, three studio spaces and the balcony. Over 7 years, this space has seen numerous exhibits, film screenings, workshops, meetings and residents, this balcony brought in many artists to work or drink coffee and talk and Makan’s audience continuously grows and diversifies. However, Makan expands beyond the physical space to organizing and taking part in projects outside, often collaborating with other art operators and spaces locally, regionally and internationally.
Furthermore, Makan is exploring the virtual space through this website and invites its visitors to leave their conrtibutions, an opinion about a blog post or an event, start a converastion about something in the arts, ask a question–limitless space this virtual one.
Makan’s team, like the space, is dynamic and curious, it is comprised today of Ola Khalidi, Samah Hijawi, Diala Khasawnih and most recently, Ahmad Ameen as administrative assistant. In its early days, it included Alma Khasawnih who joined Makan for over a year in 2005, who is today a holder of a Master’s degree in Community Arts Education and is continuously exploring her practical artist side in various forms and media. She hopes to change the world through art and has plans to continue her studies.  Ala’ Diab was once a resident in Makan and part of the team, an architect by training and a sound artist by passion, he is now completing a Master’s degree in something really high tech however, he suggests being referred to as “something like: plumber or escapist or single and willing.” Makan’s first announcements were his graphic design contributions.
One day in 2008, the team brought in students Dana Qabani and Rafique Nasereddin as artist assistants. Soon, driven by their initiative and curiosity they got more involved in Makan taking more logistic and administrative responsibilities such as updating the website, assisting in event organisation and design. Dana graduated in design from the Faculty of Arts and Design at Jordan University and is exploring the profession of graphic design while Rafique moved on to pursue and develop his skills in performance and design.
Makan continues to learn with time and acquire experience, exploring and venturing into new forms of art and culture locally and regionally. Presently, the projects focus on social themes and art in the public spaces with an open door for ideas and suggestions always.