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MAP, Mobile Art Production – is a new art producer that invites artists to create unique projects. In dialogue with the artists, MAP locates the most suitable situation, moment, and place to produce and generic viagra sale exhibit contemporary art.
MAP works with specific projects, and provides the opportunity to experiment and time to develop new ideas. The productions can include any material or media; from sound and film to more traditional expressions. MAP’s goal is to find contemporary forms to present contemporary art.
Artists working methods have changed considerably during the clomid online ordering last decades. Art has moved into expanded fields, and is exhibited in new contexts. MAP works to create relevant artistic forms for the production and presentation of contemporary art. MAP is a small and flexible organisation that follows the development of artistic practice and creates new experiences of contemporary art for the public. At the same time, MAP is ongoing and continues to gain experience and knowledge.
MAP offers an alternative to the traditional art institution by creating a new mobile structure for the production and exhibition of contemporary art. Instead of originating in the gallery space, MAP originates from the artistic process and cialis cheap an engagement with the public. The goal is to create projects that are site or situation specific and thereby relevant  both to an initiated art public as well as to  a wider audience. MAP will contribute to the developement of new forms for the exhibition of contemporary art, new working situations for artists, and new experiences for the public.